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Press release

Shraddha Kapoor couriers a book to her fan in New York.

Shraddha Kappor definitely keeps in touch with her fans. Especially this girl, Samina, who regularly writes to her.

Samina contacted Shraddha initially on a social networking site and then the two have been regularly keeping in touch via email.

The girl wrote a message to Shraddha on how she is looking forward to her 16th birthday and if Shraddha can please wish her on this day.

Shraddha is very fond of her and wanted to gift her something. She gave it a lot of thought and then decided to give her something which is precious to her.

After much thinking Shraddha pulled a book out of her shelf which she had kept from her school days.

It was one of Shraddha favourite books while growing up and she had preserved it. However she thought this would be an ideal gift.

She wrote a personal message on the book and sent it to her.

“Samina has been expressing her unconditional love towards me since many years. She has just turned sweet sixteen and I thought of gifting her my book that I have grown up with. I kept it very well and now want her to have it! Just like the book, Samina holds a very special place in my heart. It belongs to her now! “

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