What is Ganesh Chaturthi and it’s Significance.

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Ganesh Chaturthi is the major Hindu festival celebrated on Bhadrapad Shukla according to the Hindi calendar of each year. According to the Ganesh Purana, the same day the son of Lord Shankar and Parvati, Ganesh had emerged.

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival 2015 | It is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Vinayaka organized by jubilation in all the states of India, including Maharashtra. This year Ganesh Chaturthi Festival will celebrate on September 17, Thursday.

Story behind the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival | According to legend, Parvati once before bathing made a lovely lad with her scum and kept his name Ganesha. The ordered him to guard the door, made him gatekeeper and went to bathe. A little later Lord Shiva came and willing to enter the gate. But Ganesha stopped him to from going inside. On this, Lord Shiva became angry and cut the head of Ganesh with his trident and moved inside the door. When Parvati saw the severed head son of Ganesha, she became very angry. Then Brahma, Vishnu and all the gods praise to appease them and requested Shiva to make alive the child. Shiva accepted their request and paste the severed head of a yard to the Ganesha.

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