Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is the only film star to endorse Nike

Press release

Deepika Padukone has become a trend setter of sorts. Be it her films or her endorsements she continues to do things which are out of the orbit.

Recently the ace actor came on board as the brand ambassador of the sports brand Nike.

The brand is known for having leading sports persons from across the world as ambassadors and this is the first time they have a Bollywood celebrity on board.

Being a badminton player herself Deepika has a very high sports connect. She often talks about sports and is also well connected in the fraternity.

The brand did an extensive survey before taking this decision. It was a big step for them as they would be altering their policy and were initially apprehensive to change their stance.

However, after much discussion the sports brand felt that Deepika brings on board the perfect connect and glamour. She currently has highest youth connect amongst audiences at large.

They will be peddling the campaign on Deepika thorough out the World Cup.

The brand personally also adds to Deepika’s brand kitty. She endorses 16 brands and yet this one is a big win.

Last year, Deepika also started her clothes line with another brand. She always tries to do things a little differently.

Deepika has three

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